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Pelgrane Press' Newsletter.

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Official resources, pre-generated characters, examples of play, etc.

Web Link Something Awful Community Thread
Web Link 13 True Ways Kickstarter
Web Link Bestiary of the Curiously Odd Kickstarter

A link to the Kickstarter project for a 13th Age Bestiary of odd creatures

Web Link Nightfall Kickstarter
Web Link Primeval Thule Kickstarter

A link to the Kickstarter for the Primeval Thule setting.

Web Link The Reliquary Kickstarter
Web Link K.H.A.O.S. Monster Generator

A spreadsheet for automatically generating monsters/encounter statblocks.

Web Link Up to our Necks.. in the Knee Deep

A 13th Age Supplement/Adventure Environment written by Baz Stevens.