Written by Andrew.

+2 Strength or +2 Dexterity

Bully (Racial Power)
Once per a battle, after you strike with a melee attack with a natural even roll you may use this ability. The target pops free from you and is stuck until the end of their turn.
Champion Feat: When you use this ability, the enemy is dazed as well as stuck.

Bugbears in their natural habitat often get mistaken for animals until one gets a closer look. They are large, covered with thick hair and with their feral faces and clawed hands, they are undoubtedly reminiscent of bears. In fact, they are actually very large goblins—although it is hard to tell at first glance. They naturally live solitary or at most in small packs, choosing often to live in caves. As orderly and civilized as Hobgoblins try to be, Bugbears seem to be the polar opposite—wild, unpredictable and wholly chaotic. Hobgoblins and Bugbears get along about as well as Dark Elves and Wood Elves-- although they are able to create offspring together, even seeing a brief interaction between a member of each of these races would make it clear why they are very distinct races.

Although territorial, they aren’t normally violent. Although they wouldn’t mind eating just about any anyone or anything that wanders into their homes. However, they do not generally go out looking for trouble. They communicate very little with others, preferring to express their emotions with growls, short, brief shouts and other animalistic noises. Nonetheless, they can be civilized to some degree. Many factions seek them out as soldiers, giving them weapons and armor. They take orders better than Orcs and can be stealthier despite their large size, and they aren’t as unruly or lazy as Ogres. And once pushed into a fight, Bugbears can be absolutely relentless—perfectly willing to grab ahold of someone and tear them to shreds with their bare claws.

Although of all the goblinoid races, Bugbears make the most unlikely of adventurers, they are still a better fit for the life than many other monstrous races. Often after an army uses a Bugbear recruit, they will just let it go off on its own once the battle is finished. This means there are plenty of Bugbears who have lost their home and now wander around cities without much aim or purpose and few skills with which they can earn their meals other than fighting or at least looking imposing and intimidating. A company of adventurers looking for an addition who could pack a real punch wouldn’t have much trouble finding themselves a Bugbear.

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