Draconian, Bozak

Written by Kenderama.

bozak draconianBozak Draconian

4th level caster (humanoid)
Initiative +5
HP: 58
AC: 18, PD: 13, MD: 18
Warstaff +8 vs AC: 12 damage

Magic Missile (At-Will) – Automatic Hit, 8 damage.
Sleep (Daily) – Roll 3d20 + 45hp for max HP affected. 8 vs MD, target falls unconcious. (Hard save ends (16) or if target takes 10+ damage)
Web (Daily) – 11 vs PD (1d3 enemies in a group) – Target is immobilized (Save ends (11))

Death Throe (Explode): When the creature reaches 0 hit points, it explodes. +10 vs PD to all creatures engaged with the Bozak. 15 damage.

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  • These draconians are neat. I infer that they're from a past edition of D&D, but sadly they are not familiar to me.

    I'd give the sleep a flat cap of 75 HP, but that's because I really like the game's focus on rolling as little as possible when it comes to the actions of monsters. Keeps things going.

    May I suggest tweaking these a bit to emphasize their elemental natures? For example, the bozak here obviously has a connection to fire. In addition to its death throe, why not have it throw off some jets of flame from its wounds? I suppose what I'm saying is that the barely-contained elemental power in their blood should be obvious, rather than only coming into play when the creature dies. It might give players a clue that they might want to finish these things off from a distance, as well as just give them a solid, cohesive theme as a creature type.

    The baaz could catch weapons with every blow, surprising the fighter into using a backup weapon and the poisonous acid of the kapak could daze or hamper anyone who gets a whiff of the caustic goo in their veins.

    I might use creatures like these in my own game. Thanks for sharing them.

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  • Yeah they are conversions from 1st (maybe 2nd edition) D&D from the "Dragonlance" campaign and series of books. They are direct conversions so not tweaked at all. :)

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