Horses v0.1

Written by Aethera.

Nokota Horses croppedHorses are a basic part of travel in many games, but the Bestiary has not [yet] provided stats for them. Perhaps the creators are kinder than I am and assume the GM is not planning to kill any horses outright. Horse problems are usually covered by creating obstacles during a skill challenge (ie. Lamed Horse, Spooked Horse, see below), but in the event of combat on horseback, or a chase? I'd like to have some idea what's going on. I have also created these stats for use in my Overland Travel write-up.

Note: This is a first draft, my PCs haven't actually acquired the horses yet, so testing of these stats has not happened yet. Should be roughly balanced, since created from 13th Age monster stats tables, but I'll update anything that was amiss later on.

Per the equipment tables, a riding horse can be purchased for 20 gp, and a battle-trained horse for 80 gp. I've included a draft horse here in case your campaign has need for them... it's a bit nastier than a riding horse, best keep any draft horses happy or risk them snapping at you.

Horse, riding20 gp
Horse, battle trained80 gp
Feed for mount (per day)2–4 cp

Horse, Riding

Normal 0th level troop [Beast]
Initiative: +3

Hooves +5 vs. AC—4 damage

AC 16
PD 14  HP 20
MD 10

Horse, Draft

Normal 1st level troop [Beast]
Initiative: +3

Bite +6 vs. AC—5 damage

Hooves +5 vs. AC—4 damage

AC 18
PD 15  HP 27
MD 11

Horse, Battle-Trained

Normal 2nd level troop [Beast]
Initiative: +6

Hooves +7 vs. AC—8 damage

Natural 16+: target is knocked down. (Stuck until taking an action to rise, vulnerable to this horse's attacks.)

AC 18
PD 16  HP 36
MD 12

Adventurer-Tier Horse-Related Obstacles
Lame Horse Spooked Horses Kicked by Your Horse Fall while Riding
Your horse picked up a stone in the last hour or two, and continuing on that swollen hoof is not going to be good for him. Or you. Shit! Whatever that was, your horses reacted before you even saw it, and you're going to have to spend some time getting them back under control! Ow. That's gonna leave a bruise. Your saddle's a bit loose, or you didn't really have your seat... either way, roll with it and pray?
DC 20 Riding check to notice in time, or DC 25 Perception. 1d3 adventurers must make a DC 20 Riding (or Horsewhispering) check to regain control. (DC 15 for battle-trained horses.) +10 vs AC +10 vs PD
You're going to have to walk for awhile, at least a couple hours, to take your weight off your horse. Take 1d12 damage from getting bashed and scraped by trees, buildings, or creatures in your way, and horses travel in a random direction until you're in control again. (Three failed checks, see 'Fall while Riding'.) 3d6 damage on a hit, half on a miss. 3d6 damage from hitting the ground, or 2d4 on a miss as you roll with it.

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