Twisted Monsters

Written by Martin K.

The monsters on this page are leveled up or otherwise customized versions of monsters found in the 13th Age core book, bestiary or other sources.

Frenzied Treant

When human or orc logging and poaching reaches a level that it threatens the survival of the entire forest, the treants fall into a suicidal rage. They swear to either free their forest or die with it.

Frenzied Treant
Size/Strength Normal; Level 6th; Role Wrecker; Type Plant Initiative +8

Grasping Brances +11 vs. AC (2 attacks; one or two targets) 16 damage

Even hit: The treant grabs its target.

Twist and Snap: When the treant starts its turn grabbing an enemy, it can make a twist and snap attack against that target.

[Special trigger; quick action] Twist and Snap +14 (includes +4 grab bonus) vs. PD - 24 damage and the target pops free

Fire! Fire! Fire!: When the treant takes 15 or more fire damage from a single attack, it releases all grabbed creatures. It also adds the escalation die to attack until the end of its next turn.

Hardwood reistance: resist damage 12+ except fire and melee weapon damage. 

22 22 16 80


Polar Owlbear

A terrifying chimera of a polar bear and a snow owl, glued together with white dragon blood.

Polar Owlbear
Size/Strength Large; Level 6th; Role Wrecker; Type Beast Initiative +10

Rip and peck +11 vs. AC; 21 damage, and until the end of the owlbear's next turn, the target is hampered (makes only basic attacks) while engaged with the owlbear.

Frosty breath: If the escalation die is even, make a frosty breath attack as a free action.

[Special trigger] C: Frosty breath +8 vs. PD (1d3 nearby enemies): 12 cold damage and the target is hampered while engaged with the owlbear.

Feed the Cubs: An owlbear that scores a critical hit against a hampered enemy tears a piece of the creature off (GM chooses a limb) and will subsequently attempt to retreat with its prize to feed the cubs. The torn-up enemy is stunned until the end of its next turn.

Excellent Swimmer: Polar owlbears can swim and dive long distances. When fighting in ice-cold water, enemies are vulnerable to their attacks. 

21 19 15 165

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