Dwarven Fusilier

Written by Andrew A.

Dwarven Fusilier

Since the discovery of smoke powder and the development of the musket, the fusilier regiments of the Dwarf King have become a stalwart component of any dwarven military unit.

1st level mook [HUMANOID]

Initiative: +2

R: Musket +6 vs AC -- 4 damage

Slow to Fire: A Fusilier can only make its Musket attack every other round (see below).

Bayonet +4 vs AC -- 3 damage

Firing Line: When attacking with a group of Fusiliers, make a number of simultaneous ranged attacks equal to half of the number of remaining not-engaged Fusiliers (rounded up). For Encounter Building purposes, two Fusiliers count as a single Mook.

AC 17  
PD 15 HP 4 (mook)
MD 11  

Creator Note: The Fusilier attempts to capture the flavor of early firearms without too much fuss. A Fusilier firing line will normally use their ranged Musket attack, effectively attacking with the regularity of a normal group of mooks. When you consider their low hit points, the idea is that every two Fusiliers operates as a single mook.

The design intent is that Fusiliers would only engage in melee if they're attacked; once in melee, engaged Fusiliers will attack with the Bayonet attack. An enemy that engages a Fusilier firing line in melee will suffer significantly more attacks (but with lower hit chance).

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