Dwarf Honor Guard

Written by Andre C..

Dwarf Honor Guard

7th level mook [HUMANOID]

Initiative: +15

AC 23

PD 21

MD 17

HP 27 (mook)

Battle-axe +12 vs. AC---18 damage

Natural 16+: the Honor Guard Dwarf may make a second attack as a free action against another target.

R: Challenging taunt +15 vs. MD (one nearby or far away unengaged enemy)---As a free action, the target immediately moves toward the Honor Guard Dwarf, attempting to engage it or get as close as possible to it.

Limited use: 1/round as a quick action.

Nastier Specials:

Superior Training: The Honor Guard Dwarf's crit range with melee attacks expands by a number equal to the escalation die.

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