Greed Knight

Written by Grunts Ghosts.

Greed Knight 5th Level (Defensive, Double-Strength Monster)

Initiative +8

HP 101

AC 24
PD 23
MD 15

Basic Attack- Roll a d6 then use the attacks below

1- Bloodthirsty Longsword +12 vs. AC
36 Damage when hit, if target is staggered deal 10 ongoing damage (normal save ends)
2- Skullcrusher's Mace +8 vs. AC
40 Damage if hit, half damage if miss.
3- Harpy Knight's Bow +10 vs. PD
36 Thunder Damage when hit and target is weaken (normal save ends).
4- Shield of Thrones +6 vs. AC
30 Damage and target is knocked prone (target is vulnerable until target uses a move action)
5- Sorcerer's Death Wand +8 vs. MD
30 Negative Energy and target must make a hard save (+16) or be stuck with Fear.
6- Ram Head Gauntlet Punch +6 vs. AC
18 Damage.

Black Knight's Unholy Armor
When the Greed Knight is hit with a critical attack, one target engaged with the Greed Knight takes ongoing 10 Negative Energy damage (normal save ends).

Helm of the Orc Lord
The Greed Knight may ignore any status effects on him for a turn. Afterward, he takes -2 to all attacks until the end of his next turn.

Centaur's Thundering Boots
The Greed Knight may disengage freely and move to far away (if able) with the same move action.

Dragon Rider's Cape
A crit hit against the Greed Knight hits, treat it as a miss instead.

Greed Knights are a tongue-in-cheek name for the poor souls who seek magical artifices and don't have the mental strength to handle all the quirks of the items. They wear mix-matched armor, normal magical, and a number of weapons. They are surprisingly fast, capable of switching from weapon to weapon without slowing down their attacks. Greed Knights are normally found in places were treasures are collected, such as a dragon's hoard, a goblin's nest, or a black market vault. The person being controlled by the items is normally still alive and insane, his thoughts and body no longer his own. If one was to remove the items from the Knight, depending on how long the person has been a Greed Knight, they may recover after a time or still feel the effects of the items' quirks, with their own greed guiding all of the thoughts towards a single goal of collecting everything they see. Killing a Greed Knight some times causes the items to "melt" all though most wizards believe this is just the items moving on to other places. Any item that doesn't melt is normally has an extra quirk of causing the user to be extremely greedy, thus continuing the cycle of Greed Knights.

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