Winged Chupacabra

Written by Ginster.

Winged Chupacabra

4th level Double-Strength Wrecker [MAGICAL BEAST]
Initiative: +8

Slobbering bite +9 vs. AC – 20 damage
   Natural even hit above target's PD: The target is grabbed.
   Natural odd hit: The winged chupacabra makes one claw attack as a free action.
   Miss: 4 damage.

[Special trigger] Claw +9 vs. AC –  10 damage

Sucking blood +9 vs. PD (one grabbed target) – 30 damage and the target is weakened until it escapes the grab and succeeds on a save.
   Natural even hit: The winged chupacabra adds the escalation die to its attacks until the end of the battle.

C: ROOOAAAARRRR +9 vs. MD (1d4 nearby enemies) – 10 psychic damage
   Natural even hit: The target can't attack the winged chupacabra until the end of it's next turn.

C: Sweeping blow +9 vs. PD (all enemies engaged with the winged chupacabra) – 10 damage and the target is weakened until the end of it's next turn.
   Natural 15+: The target is also stunned (save ends).
   Miss: 5 damage

Flight: The winged chupacabra can fly pretty well. When it gains momentum it can be very fast.
Flyby Attack: The winged chupacabra can pop free as a free action after attacking while flying.

AC 21
PD 19      HP 120
MD 13

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