Cave Fisher

Written by Ginster.

Cave Fisher

3rd level spoiler [BEAST]
Initiative: +5

Pincers +8 vs. PD – 10 damage
   Natural hit above target's PD: The target is grabbed.

R: Filament +8 vs. AC– 5 damage and the filament attaches to the target.
   Natural even hit: The cave fisher makes a pull attack as a free action.

C: Pull + 8 vs. PD (one target that is attached to a filament) – 5 damage and the target is pulled closer to the cave fisher.

Time to eat! + 8 vs. PD (one grabbed target) – 15 damage

Pull: A target that has a filament attached to it is effectively stuck at the end of the filament and can be pulled by the cave fisher. A far away target is pulled nearby and a nearby target becomes enganged with the cave fisher. A cave fisher can only have one filament active at a time and can pull only once per round. A target can escape the attached filament with a Strength or Deterity check vs. the cave fishers PD (17), but beware: you may be considerable high above the ground!

Climber: The cave fisher climbs not fast but safe.

AC 19
PD 17      HP 40
MD 13

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