Cold One

Written by Ginster.

Cold One

Suddenly a shimmering shape manifests in the frosty cold right next to you and an icy touch longs for your heart...

3rd level spoiler [UNDEAD]
Initiative: +5
Vulnerability: fire

Freezing touch +8 vs. PD – 10 cold damage
Natural even hit: The target can't use the escalation die until the end of its next turn
Crit: The target loses a recovery.

C: Icy breath +8 vs. PD (1d3 nearby enemies in a group) – 4 cold damage and the target is hampered (save ends)
Natural hit above target's Constitution: The target is also stuck (save ends).

Sudden Manifestation: PCs that don't succeed on a hard (DC 20) Wisdom "Perception" check can't react to the sudden manifestation of the cold ones. Place them anywhere nearby and let them act on surprise. PCs who make the check can act on initiative as normal.

Flight: Cold ones are drifting through the air, not fast but free.

Semi-Incorporeal: Cold Ones are only somewhat corporeal creatures. They cannot pass through solid materials but can squeeze through the tiniest holes.

AC 19
PD 17     HP 48
MD 13



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