Azer Pyromancer

Written by myrmidongs.

Downlevel / Uplevel Monsters

Use the following table to modify monsters to your needs.

-2 Levels

x 0.6

-1 Level

x 0.75

+1 Level

x 1.25

+2 Levels

x 1.6

+3 Levels

x 2.0

+4 Levels

x 2.5

+5 Levels

x 3.2

+6 Levels

x 4.0

Raise (Or Lower) Attack Bonuses, Defenses, and Initiative by 1 per level
Multiply damage and hit points by the multiplier on the table

Azer Pyromancer

Type: LVL 3 Caster, Humanoid

Initiative: +5
HP: 38
AC: 16
PD: 11
MD: 15

R: Wild Pyroblast: +8 Vs. PD; 7 Fire Damage
Natural even hit: The Pyromancer can target a second enemy with this attack roll.
Natural 16+: The target also takes 6 ongoing fire damage

Blistering Heat:
When an enemy engaged with the Pyromancer attacks it, that enemy takes 2 fire damage.

Cold Haters:
The Pyromancer adds the escalation die to its attacks against a target that is capable of dealing cold damage with a spell, attack, or magic item.

Fire resistance: 18+


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