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Downlevel / Uplevel Monsters

Use the following table to modify monsters to your needs.

-2 Levels

x 0.6

-1 Level

x 0.75

+1 Level

x 1.25

+2 Levels

x 1.6

+3 Levels

x 2.0

+4 Levels

x 2.5

+5 Levels

x 3.2

+6 Levels

x 4.0

Raise (Or Lower) Attack Bonuses, Defenses, and Initiative by 1 per level

Multiply damage and hit points by the multiplier on the table


The Cockatrice is a cautionary tale for Wizards considering cutting cost corners on their experiments’ cages. All it takes is one escaping into the wild to become an invasive species. Never cut corners.

Type: LVL 3 Spoiler, Beast

Initiative: +8

HP: 36

AC: 19

PD: 13

MD: 17

Razor Spurs: +8 Vs. AC (2 Attacks); 6 Damage

The Cockatrice may pop free from the target after the first attack if it hits.

If both Razor Spurs hit during the same turn, the Cockatrice can make a Savage Bite during its next turn as a standard action

[Special Trigger]

Savage Bite: +8 Vs. AC; 4 Ongoing Poison Damage

Natural Even Hit: Target is also under the effect of Cockerel Paralyzation.


Escalating Threat:

At the start of each of the Cockatrice’s turns, roll a D6. If the result is less than or equal to the Escalation die, the Cockatrice can make a Savage Bite attack as a standard action that turn.


Cockerel Paralyzation:

Enemies under the effect of Cockerel Paralyzation are Vulnerable, and may only take either a move action, or a standard action during their turn, but not both. Ends if they save from all ongoing poison damage from Savage Bite.


Nastier Special:

If enemies under the effect of Cockerel Paralyzation fail 2 of their poison saves in a row, they turn to stone. They may use a Recovery to prevent this.

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