Burlap Clown

Written by Dweller in Darkness.

Burlap Clown

Burn it. Burn it with fire.
5th level Spoiler
AC 19
PD 19
MD 15
HP 80
Vulnerability: fire

Scratch and claw (2 melee attacks) - +10 vs. AC 9 damage each. On a 16+, this triggers burlap transformation.

R: Giggle - +8 vs. MD (1d3 nearby enemies) - 10 psychic damage and target is confused.

[special trigger] Burlap transformation +8 vs. MD: The first time the target it affected by this attack they take 5 points of damage and are hampered. The second time, they take 5 ongoing points of psychic damage, are hampered and immediately begin making last gasp saves. If they fail, they will rise as a burlap clown in 24 hours unless the corpse is burned.

Nastier specials
Burning rage - When a burlap clown takes fire damage, for the remainder of the battle they gain +2 to their attacks and damage and their scratch and claw attack does 5 ongoing fire damage. Their defenses are reduced by 2.

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