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Downlevel / Uplevel Monsters

Use the following table to modify monsters to your needs.

-2 Levels

x 0.6

-1 Level

x 0.75

+1 Level

x 1.25

+2 Levels

x 1.6

+3 Levels

x 2.0

+4 Levels

x 2.5

+5 Levels

x 3.2

+6 Levels

x 4.0

Raise (Or Lower) Attack Bonuses, Defenses, and Initiative by 1 per level
Multiply damage and hit points by the multiplier on the table

The Anubis are an ancient race from Ages long past with heads resembling various creatures, and the bodies of humanoids. Rumors have it that the remnants of their civilization lie buried deep under desert sands. Anubis are able to control their physical size, shrinking to roughly the size of a Halfling or Dwarf, or they may grow in size according to their power, though they rarely do so while travelling, preferring to remain inconspicuous. Nobody knows the upper limits of their size or power.

Examples of Anubis forms: Babboon, Boar, Bull, Cat, Cobra (Snakes in general), Crocodile, Frog, Hawk, Hippopotamus, Hyena, Ibis, Jackal, Lion, Ram, Turtle, Vulture.

Type: LVL 3 Humanoid, Wrecker, Large

HP: 90
AC: 19
PD: 17
MD: 13

Staff Smite: +10 Vs. AC; 17 Damage
Fives: The target takes 4 extra damage

[Limited:The Escalation Die is Even]
C:Rage of the Sands: +8 Vs. PD (All nearby enemies); 13 Damage
Miss: 5 Damage

Shifting Sands +8 Vs. PD; 20 Damage
Natural Even: The target is also Stuck until the end of their next turn.

The Anubis whips up a blinding, violent sandstorm when combat begins. Each enemy in the storm takes a -4 to ranged attacks unless they use a move action on their turn to appropriately protect themselves from the stinging sand and take stock of the battlefield around them.

Scarab Swarm:
When staggered, the Sandstorm subsides, and the Anubis calls upon toxic scarab beetles swarm out of the sand beneath; enemies who do not use a move action to protect themselves from the scarabs must make an 11+ save at the end of their turn or lose a recovery. (No more than 3 Recoveries may be lost this way)

Ancient Power:
As a quick action, the Anubis may transform their physical size as they wish. Choose one of these sizes when combat begins. This transformation only changes the following stats:

Small: Melee attacks against the Anubis drop their damage die by one step (D8 becomes D6, etc)

Man-Sized: Hit or miss,Rage of the Sands also causes enemies lose the Escalation die bonus until the end of their next turn.

Large+: The Anubis has a -2 penalty to AC and PD. Staff Smite deals half damage on a miss.

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