Duergar Berserker

Written by Aaron R.

Duergar Berserker

Level 2 Wrecker (Humanoid)

Init: +6


Bloody Hammer +10 vs AC - 7 damage

Natural Even Miss (Battered and Bruised) - 3 damage

Bloodlust - Deal an additional 2 damage against enemies who are staggered or taking ongoing damage

Unstoppable Rage - When the Duergar Berserker is dropped to 0 HP, it can make an atttack as a free action before dying. If the Berserker is not engaged when dropped to 0 HP, it may also make a single move action before attacking.


AC 15

PD 14   HP 40

MD 9


Creator's Note: My interpretation of Duergar for my campaign means that these are more or less evil Dwarves, not a separate race, and have been designed accordingly.

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