Duergar Runecaster

Written by Aaron R.

Duergar Runecaster

Level 3 Caster (Humanoid)

Init: +5


Flame Hammer +8 vs AC - 10 fire damage

Natural 16+ Hit (Cauterization) - Nearby non-mook ally heals 10 damage

R: Word of Hate +6 vs MD - 8  damage

Natural Even Hit (Echoes of Hate) - Target is Vulnerable (save ends)

Word of Rage - 1 nearby non-mook ally gains +2 to their next attack roll. Usable once per turn as a Quick action.


AC 19

PD 13   HP 48

MD 17


Creator's Note: My interpretation of Duergar for my campaign means that these are more or less evil Dwarves, not a separate race, and have been designed accordingly.

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