Bullywug Shaman

Written by Aaron R.

Bullywug Shaman
Level 1 Caster (Humanoid)
Init: +3
HP: 27 AC: 16 PD: 12 MD: 16

Staff Strike: +5 vs AC, 4 damage
Poison Blast: +6 vs PD, 5 poison damage
Natural Even Hit: Target is Dazed
Invisibility: Once per battle, turn invisible until the end of the next turn or until the bullywug attacks. Attacks that hit while invisible do +3 damage.

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  • Bullywug shaman and humanoid are the two sides of a coin, the first level named caster will be completed in the next month and the authority of the Bullywug should have some knowledge for editing services provided by the expert and professional developers. I like to play this invisible do +3 damages level 1.Now I am eagerly waiting for the next level

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