The Luggage

Written by Kenderama.


The Luggageluggage001-1a

It is a large chest made of sentient wood (a magical, intelligent plant which became extinct in the 4th Age.)  It can produce hundreds of little legs protruding from its underside and can move very fast if the need arises. It has been described as "half suitcase, half homicidal maniac" to any who are lucky enough to get in it's way and survive to tell the tale.

Medium 9th Level Wrecker [Construct]

Initiative: +17

Resistant to Magic 16+: Any spell directed at The Luggage will bounce off it harmlessly (on a natural "1", hitting a nearby ally of the caster or the caster himself). Otherwise, half damage.

Resistant to pretty much anything 12+: The heavy wood that makes up this construct sheds blows like it does rainwater. Only Cold seems to do full damage, everything else does half.

Homicidal Chomp +14 vs. AC (1 nearby enemy)— 90 damage.
Natural 18+: A large pink tongue swipes out at the target and launches it into it's gaping lid. The character vanishes from sight. (Consider the PC grabbed, and dazed until he can break free.) DC 25 check to break free, whether by brute force, wriggling dexterously, or other means. The Luggage will also spit up the character if it can do 90hp of damage on the inside. The Luggage is no longer considered engaged by that foe, and there is no limit to the number of creatures it can have inside it.

R: Trampling, Hundred-Foot Charge +16 vs PD (1 nearby enemy) -- 45 damage. 
Natural Even Hit: The Luggage gets to make a free Homicidal Chomp attack against the target of the charge.

AC 25 PD 23 MD 23 (Same defenses inside the Luggage.)

HP: 530

Treasure: If the Luggage is brought to zero hp, it rolls over and plays dead. After 5 minutes it jumps to it's feet and treats the person who landed the killing blow as it's new owner.  (See: The Luggage (Magic Item))

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