Written by Andre C..

Huge Level 11 Spoiler [Undead, Dragon]

Initiative: +15
Vulnerability: Holy
HP: 885
AC: 27
PD: 21
MD: 25
Claws and Bite +14 vs. AC (2 attacks) -85 damage 
Natural Even Hit or Miss:The Dracolich may make a bite attack as a free action.
[Special Trigger]  Bite +16 vs. AC - 40 damage and the target is vulnerable to Negative Energy Damage until the end of the battle.
[Special Trigger] Free action, when the dracolich makes its first melee attack against a target, it may make a Mesmerizing glare attack against another nearby enemy.
C: Mesmerizing Glare +15 vs. MD - The target is weakened (-4 penalty to attacks and defenses; save ends).
Miss: The target is dazed (-4 penalty to attacks) until the end of it's next turn. 
C: Necrotic Breath Attack +14 vs. PD (1d3 nearby or far away enemies) -80 Negative Energy Damage
Natural Even Hit: The target is also stunned (-4 penalty to defenses and cannot take any actions) until the end of the Dracolich's next turn.  The dracolich may not use this attack two turns in a row.
Miss: Half damage
Bloodied Breath: (interupt, once per battle as a free action when first staggered) - The dracolich’s may use its Necrotic Breath Attack immediately.
Fear: While engaged with this creature, enemies with 96 hp or fewer are dazed (-4 penalty to attacks) and do not add the escalation die to their attacks.
Resist Negative Energy 18+: When a negative energy attack targets this creature, the attacker must roll a natural 18+ on the attack roll or it only deals half damage.
Dragon: Being a dragon, this creature also has the Escalator, Flight, and Random Dragon Abilities.

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