Stormrage Shambler

Written by Andre C..

Level 11 Double-Strength Wrecker
Init: +15
HP: 576 AC: 25 PD: 27 MD: 22
Lightning charged tendrils (2 attacks) +15 vs. AC- 130 lightning damage
Natural Even Roll:The target is stunned (save ends).
Natural 16+:As a free action the Stormrage Shambler may make another charged tendril attack against an opponent it has not targeted yet this round.  This effect may trigger twice in one round.
Miss: 22 damage.
C: Lightning Blast  +9 vs. PD (1d3 nearby enemies) - 25 ongoing lightning damage.
Improved camouflage: The shambler gains a +5 bonus to AC vs ranged attacks while it is in a forest, swamp or jungle setting 
Nastier Specials
Enveloping Attack: If the Stormrage Shambler hits the same enemy twice in a round with Lightning charged tendrils, the target takes 20 ongoing damage and must begin to make last gasp saves as it is drawn into the shambler's mass.  The shambler can only absorb one target at a time but may continue to perform tendrils attacks while the current victim is being absorbed.  Victims who shake off the effect break free but are still engaged with the shambler.  Victims who fail are turned to sludge.  The good news however is their clothing and equipment carried can be recovered later from the pile of sludge the shambler excretes after the battle.
Lightning Aura: At the start of the Shambler's turn, each enemy engaged with it takes 3d10 lighting damage.

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