Shadow, Shade

Written by Mike Thompson.


Born from a frenzied hatred of life this creature has but one desire.  Slay all life.

level 4 mook [undead]


Initiative: +4

Vulnerability: holy


Shadowy touch +9 vs. PD (two attacks)—  3 negative energy damage

natural even hit: may make a Shade Blast attack as a free action (once per round).


C: Shade Blast +9 vs. MD - 7 negative energy damage




Blend With Shadow: As a creature from the plane of shadow the Shadow may become two dimensional as a free action, allowing it to pass under doors and flow up walls and along ceilings etc.  The Shadow may be forced out of this state by confronting it with a bright light.


Clinging Darkness: The Shade is like a dog with a bone and just doesn’t want to let go, -4 to disengage from a Shade.


Creature of Shadow (Resist weapons 16+): When a weapon attack targets this creature, the attacker must roll a natural 16+ on the attack roll or it only deals half damage.


AC: 18

PD: 14 HP: 14 (damage to kill one mook)

MD: 16


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