Umber Hulk

Written by Aaron R.

umberhulkUmber Hulk

(By Aaron R on G+)

Level 6 Large Wrecker (Aberrant)
Init: +5
HP: 190 AC: 23 PD: 21 MD: 14

Rending Claws: +11 vs AC, 42 damage
    Natural Even Hit - Gaping Wound: Target takes 10 ongoing damage, save ends
Gaze of Madness: +9 vs MD, target is Confused (Save ends). This is a quick action, but can only be used once per round.
Burrower: The Umber Hulk may Burrow as per the rules on page 200
Burrowing Strike: +11 vs AC, 35 damage and the target is Stuck (Save ends). Can only be used on turns after the Umber Hulk has Burrowed.

Nastier Specials
For the Master: Once per round, the Umber Hulk may take half the damage from an attack that hits a nearby ally
Death Throes: Upon reaching zero HP, the Umber Hulk does 21 damage to all engaged enemies

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