Umber Hulk (Variant)

Written by David Eglinton.

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umberUmber Hulk

Level 4 (Large Magical Beast)
Init: +2 (+8 Whilst burrowing)
HP: 87 AC: 22 PD: 18 MD: 14

Claw Attack : +9 vs AC (2 attacks) - 14 damage; if both attacks hit the same target it is grabbed, save ends.

Crushing Grip : When a creature starts its turn grabbed by an Umber Hulk it takes 10 damage, and if it fails the save against the grab it takes a further 4 damage.

Rapid Burrowing : The Umber hulk can travel by burrowing. In addition it adds +5 to all saves made to Get Under Ground.

Confusing Gaze : When a creature makes an attack against the Umber Hulks AC or PD and it rolls a natural 1-5 it is dazed save ends.

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