Mephit (Dust)

Written by Christopher Allen.

Dust Mephit

Clad in weblike, black robes and sporting a rather pasty complexion, these dusty little imps have a disturbingly morbid demeanour and are far too fond of discussing death for such short-lived creatures.

(Originally posted on by Christopher Allen)

2nd Level Spoiler [Elemental]
Initiative: +8
Dusty Claws +6 vs AC – 4 damage
C Glass Dust +6 vs PD (1d3 nearby enemies) – 3 damage and targets are weakened for 1 turn.
Limited Use: 1/round as a standard action if the Escalation Die is even.

Body Harvest: All of a dust mephit's attacks against staggered enemies inflict an additional 1d6 damage.
Flight: Dust mephits are good flyers, as long as they make sure their dark robes don't get tangled in wings or tail.
Resist Fire 16+

Nastier Specials
R Dusty Disintegration +6 vs PD (1 nearby or far away enemy) - 5 damage, and if the target has 15hp or fewer after the damage, it must start making last gasp saves as it begins to disintegrate into dust. Unlike normal last gasp saves, these are normal (11+) saves rather than hard ones.
Dusty Repose: All enemies nearby a dust mephit who are reduced to 0 hit points or less and begin to make death saves suffer a -1 penalty on their saves.

HP: 30
AC: 18
PD: 12
MD: 16

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