Mephit (Mist)

Written by Christopher Allen.

Mist Mephit

This green mephit stands aloof from the other elemental imps, watching them carefully for the first sign of treason or treachery. It would probably have a longer life expectancy if it spent all that effort watching for real dangers.

(Originally posted on by Christopher Allen)

2nd Level Spoiler [Elemental]
Initiative: +8
Clammy Claws +6 vs AC – 3 damage
C Poison Mist +7 vs PD (1 nearby or far away enemy) – 7 poison damage and the target is hampered for one round.
Limited Use: 1/round as a standard action if the Escalation Die is even.
R Fog Bank +6 vs PD (1d3 nearby or far away enemies) – 3 poison damage, and the targets suffer a 30% miss chance on all their attacks until they move out of the fog to a different location.
Limited Use: 1/battle

Flight: Mist mephits are excellent fliers, unless you ask a steam mephit (who would say they are terrible compared to steam mephits).
Resist Poison 16+

Nastier Specials
Gaseous Form: 1/battle as a move action, the mist mephit gains Resist Physical 18+ for one turn.
Vigilance: The mist mephit is never surprised and always goes first in combat; after initiative scores are rolled, the mephit's initiative is changed to the highest initiative +1.

HP: 30
AC: 18
PD: 16
MD: 12

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