Mephit (Lightning)

Written by Christopher Allen.

Lightning Mephit

Hyperactive, supercharged, ready for anything, eager to get to the action, and any number of other descriptions still don't quite get across how energetic lightning mephits tend to be. They're also possessed of a curious streak a mile wide, meaning the over-friendly buggers get into everything.

(Originally posted on by Christopher Allen)

2nd Level Spoiler [Elemental]
Initiative: +12
Crackling Claws +6 vs AC – 5 lightning damage, and the lightning mephit may pop free from combat if it wishes.
R Arc Lightning +6 vs PD (1 nearby or far away enemy) – 7 lightning damage
18+: The mephit may use arc lightning again against a different enemy in range.

Flight: These little dancing bolts of lightning can fly incredibly fast, but they're rather poor at turning...
Hyper: Once per battle, a lightning mephit may take an additional standard action on its turn. If it uses this action to move, all attacks against it suffer a 50% miss chance for the next turn.
Resist Lightning 16+

Nastier Specials
Static Charge: The mephit's crackling claws also inflict the Vulnerable (Lightning) condition to targets for 1 turn.
Lightning Bolt: 1/battle, the mephit disappears in a flash of thunder as a standard action; make an arc lightning attack against any enemy on the battlefield, then the mephit reappears engaged with them

HP: 30
AC: 18
PD: 17
MD: 12

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