Mephit (Ash)

Written by Christopher Allen.

Ash Mephit

Leaving trails of soot in its wake, the gloomy little mephit doesn't seem particularly alarmed at the notion of being attacked. It was glumly certain this was going to be yet another bad day anyway – you can hardly make its life any worse. No-one understands its pain.

(Originally posted on by Christopher Allen)

2nd Level Spoiler [Elemental]
Initiative: +6
Sooty Claws +6 vs AC – 3 damage
C Ash Breath +7 vs PD (1d2 nearby enemies) – 7 damage and targets become dazed for one turn.
Limited Use: 1/round as a standard action if the Escalation Die is even.
R Glum Lament +7 vs MD (1 nearby enemy) – 5 psychic damage and target becomes weakened for one turn.
Limited Use: 1/battle, but recharged whenever the ash mephit becomes staggered.

 Ash mephits are actually fairly good at flying, though they bemoan having to do so to such an extent that you'd think they'd rather just walk (except walking's even worse, then the wings get tangled with the legs, and besides there's all these terrible things that happen to you when you're on the ground...)
Resist Fire 14+

Nastier Specials
Why Bother?: When an enemy hits the ash mephit on a natural odd roll, that enemy becomes dazed for one turn.
Flaring Embers: When the ash mephit's ash breath hits an enemy that is already dazed or weakened, they suffer an additional 5 ongoing fire damage.

HP: 30
AC: 18
PD: 12
MD: 16

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