Mephit (Ice)

Written by Christopher Allen.

Ice Mephit
Ice mephits make other mephits look positively benign. These cold, aloof creatures revel in unnecessary malice and destruction to an extent quite out of proportion to their diminutive size and limited power. Expect them to get in close – they want to see your pain.

(Originally posted on by Christopher Allen)

2nd Level Spoiler [Elemental]
Initiative: +7
Freezing Claws +7 vs PD – 7 cold damage
Natural even hit: The target also becomes weakened for one turn.
C Ice Volley +7 vs AC (1d3+1 enemies engaged with the ice mephit) – 7 cold damage
Limited Use: 1/round as a standard action if the Escalation Die is even.

Flight: Ice mephits fly remarkably swiftly, cutting through the air like a knife.
Resist Cold 16+

Nastier Specials
Chilling Aura: At the beginning of the ice mephit's turn, every enemy engaged with the mephit suffers 3 cold damage. If the mephit is staggered, this increases to 6 cold damage.
R Cold Feet +7 vs PD (1 nearby enemy) – 5 cold damage, and 5 ongoing cold damage; as long as the target is suffering from the ongoing cold damage, it takes them 2 move actions rather than 1 to make a move.
Limited Use: 1/battle

HP: 30
AC: 18
PD: 16
MD: 12

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