Orcish Beastmaster

Written by Ryven Cedrylle.

What's more terrifying than an orc charging and screaming like a rabid beast? An orc charging and screaming alongside an actual rabid beast.

Level 5 Spoiler (humanoid)

Initiative +5

HP: 75
AC: 21          PD: 18             MD: 16

M: Axe – +10 vs. AC, 12 damage (16 damage if the companion is defeated)
     Hit (even): Harrier – target has a -2 to attack until the end of its next turn
     Hit (odd): Two As One - deal 6 damage to a nearby enemy
     Miss: Got Your Back - deal 6 damage to the target

Beast Companion: The Orcish Beastmaster has an animal companion, usually a large dog, but nearly any smart domesticated animal is possible. The companion is required in order to perform any of the three triggered abilities of the Beastmaster’s basic attack. If the companion is defeated, increase the Axe damage to 16.

The companion has no hit points and uses the Beastmaster’s defenses. It does not have independent representation on the battlemap and is assumed to be at the Beastmaster’s side for positioning purposes. If successfully attacked, it is defeated (frightened off, injured, killed, etc). Do not volunteer information about the possibility of attacking the companion separately (the Orcs rely on the more civilized societies’ complicated misgivings about humanoid vs. animal life!) but be honest if asked.

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