Written by Ryven Cedrylle.

The ascetics hid the infant until they could finish creating the first mannusiha, which drove the ogres from the town forever. Since then, the Priestess has kept mannusiha as her trusted companions and protectors. ”

- Codex Yyangoni, Book XIII

Level 7 Large Wrecker [beast/construct]

Initiative +9
Fear aura: 36 HP or less (dazed, no escalation die)

HP: 216
AC: 24            PD: 19            MD: 21

M: Swipe – +12 vs AC 18 damage. This attack can be made once as a quick action or twice in a single standard action, targeting one creature twice or two creatures each once.

M: Tail Whip – +11 vs AC No damage, but the target is hampered and stuck (save ends)
       Hit (even): Bite +10 vs. PD, 70 damage

C: Roar – +10 vs MD, targets all nearby enemies, 10 damage and the target chooses to either forfeit its move action or be subject to the mannusiha’s Fear aura on its next turn.
        Special: Roll a d6 at the start of the mannusiha’s turn; this attack only occurs when the d6 roll is greater than the escalation die and does not require an action.

Four Faces of Truth: The mannusiha does not make saving throws. Instead, at the beginning of each turn, regardless of other condition, the mannusiha may change its visage. Each visage is immune to (and thus ends) different conditions, but also has a vulnerability:
        Humanesque Male – immune to all but weakened, vulnerable cold
        Humanesque Female – immune to all but dazed, vulnerable fire
        Ram – immune to all but hampered, vulnerable lightning
        Hawk – immune to all but stunned, vulnerable poison

False Duality: The mannusiha’s Swipe and Bite attacks deal damage of the type to which it is vulnerable. Attacks of the ‘opposite’ element do no additional damage.

Two Torsos (optional upgrade); The mannusiha possesses two bodies controlled by a single head. Each can make a separate Tail Whip attack in the same action, but only one Bite total.

See the original Mannusiha entry here on Page XX for more information and story hooks!

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