Written by Ryven Cedrylle.


Taking the term “tongue-lashing” seriously for over 1,000,000,000,000,000,000 years.

8th level caster [aberration]

Initiative +8

HP 134
AC 23           PD 16             MD 21

M: Tongue Lashing +13 vs. AC (one or two enemies) —25 damage
       Natural even hit: The target is hampered until the end of its next turn.
       Special: The Hectoralle may target three or more creatures with this attack at a penalty of -1 to all attacks per creature beyond the second.

C: Chant of Pain +11 vs PD (all nearby enemies; chanting hectoralle only)—20 psychic damage
      16+: The target also loses a recovery.

C: Chant of Ruin +11 vs MD (all nearby enemies; chanting hectoralle only)—16 psychic damage and the target takes a -2 to MD (save ends).

C: Discordant Shriek +11 vs MD (one random nearby enemy; shrieking hectoralle only)—40 psychic damage and the target is confused until the end of its next turn.
       Natural 5, 10, 15 or 20: The hectoralle suffers 20 damage.

C: Atonal Shriek +11 vs PD (two random nearby enemies; shrieking hectoralle only)—30 psychic damage, the target takes a -4 to all defenses until the end of its next turn and is deafened.
      Natural 5, 10, 15 or 20: One enemy may make a saving throw against any condition affecting it.

Special: Deafened is not a condition defined by the game and will need to be adjudicated by the GM. Suggested mechanical consequences may include being unable to receive the benefits of bardic music and/or taking a -4 to ‘perception’ checks.

Errant Arcana: Any time a PC caster rolls a 5 or less on an attack spell against a hectoralle, the spell instead targets another PC or PC ally. Reroll the attack.

Roiling Resistance: A hectoralle resists both psychic damage (14+) and magic at large (8+).

Nastier Specials
Rol-licking Good Time: The hectoralle can instead deal 10 damage with Tongue Lashing to grab the target.

Harmonious Discord: A confused enemy gains a +2 on its attack rolls.

Ruined Escalation: An enemy suffering a penalty to MD does not add the escalation die to its attacks.

Find the original Hectoralle write up here on Page XX for more flavor and adventure hooks!

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