Ratling Adult

Written by Aaron R.

Ratling Adult

(Courtesy of Aaron R, Ash Law, and Graham Poole on G+)
Ratlings are like skaven, if you're familiar with Warhammer Fantasy. About 3 foot tall, look like a humanoid rat. They are the result of long ago magical experiments that managed to escape and breed true. Common to sewers, living dungeons, and other underground areas. Vermin, but very cunning and dangerous vermin as they have a super natural ability to control rats. Don't get along with wererats. Often speak broken common.

Bipedal ratlings of small size, they stand equal height to a halfling and can sometimes be found using arms and armor.

Level 1 troop
Initiative: +4, HP: 20
AC: 17
PD: 13
MD: 14

Jagged Knife: +8 vs AC- 4 damage
Natural Even Hit: 4 ongoing poison
Natural Even Miss: Ratling pops free of engagement
Natural Odd Hit/Miss: Filthy Fever triggers
Filthy Fever: If the d20 roll that triggered this is higher or equal to the victim's CON they contract Filthy Fever.

Filthy Fever:
Roll d6 when you first contract the disease.
1. Slight temperature
2-3. Shits. You have one less recovery than normal after a full heal-up (usually 7 recoveries) due to fluid loss.
4-6. Giggles. You have a hacking cough that sounds like insane laughter, are losing fluids from both ends, and have no appetite You have two less recoveries after a full heal-up (usually 6 recoveries), and can't do anything strenuous and remain quiet.

Each day after the first re-roll the effect with a -1. Healing magics give you a further -1. If you ever roll 0 or less you are cured.


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