Indescribable, Awful Horror

Written by Kenderama.

horrorIndescribable, Awful Horror
A pulsating, malodorous, greenish-yellow mass of glistening, slippery flesh that rears upwards on stunted, rubbery legs as you approach. A mass of thick tentacles - some tipped with eyes, and some with spikes and bone - reach out towards you with a demonic hunger.

9th Level Large Wrecker [abberation]

Init: +4, HP: 360

AC: 25
PD: 23
MD: 19

Tentacle Slam: +14 vs AC, 80 damage. (2 attacks per round)
Natural Even Hit: The Horror can grab the target.
Natural 18-20: The Horror grabs the target and makes a Grasping Grope attack as a free action.

Grasping Grope: +18 vs AC, 35 damage.

Writhing Tentacles: The Horror can grab up to 1d3 adventurers at a time - roll this check at beginning of combat to reflect how many tentacle-weapons it has.

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