Half-breed's Armor

Written by Angel.

Adventurer tier magic armor (+1 to AC.) This and other magic items I've created are collected together in the attached PDF.


Half Breed's Armor: This armor is a boon from the Elf Queen, granted to a warrior that pleased her in a past age. It's grants access to racial knowledge normally reserved for members of the specific race alone. When the armor is first equipped, pick a racial power from any race. At the beginning of every day, roll a recharge (16+) to see if you gain the use of that ability as a daily action. At any time a new racial power can be chosen to replace the old one, but the recharge must be made successfully before it can be used and can only be attempted once per day.


Quirk: Family Historian. The wearer becomes obsessed with their lineage, and will tell anyone that listens about it. At great length. As often as possible.


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