Combat Maneuvers

Written by Dragonfly.

This is a simple house rule to give simple answers to players that want to grapple, spit in the eye, kick in the groin, intimidate and such.


Combat Maneuvers


Make an attack using the appropiate Ability Score + Level vs. appropriate Defense (AC, PD or MD).

If it hits, apply miss damage and pick a light condition from this list: Dazed, Hampered, Stuck or Vulnerable.

If you roll a natural 20, pick two light conditions or a heavy condition like Confused, Fear, Helpless, Stunned or Weakened.

The condition lasts until the end of the target’s next turn.


Escaping from a Combat Maneuver


To  escape from a combat maneuver you have to spend your move action and pass a hard save 16+.


Combat Maneuvers Feats


AdventurerYou can add any appropiate background to the roll.

Champion: The condition lasts for 1d4 rounds.

Epic: You can pick any condition.

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