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Adrift Campaign Setting

takes place primarily on the water world of Val'Dim.  Val'Dim was a normal world until the last age when a war between several of the Icons erupted.  In the last days of the war one of the Icons cast a powerful spell, it's unknown what the spell was or if it succeded or blew up in their face but the result was much of the land was destroyed leaving Val'Dim the water world it is today.  In the chaos of floods/famines that followed several races went extinct (or nearly so) such as the drow whos underground tunnels were flooded.  the survivors found their way to the few patches of land that remain, mostly mountain ranges and the last continent. 


Main locations of Interest:

Drift: Volcanic Island group, named after the largest island in the chain and the main town, it's a Dragon Empire ruled by The Matron (Icon) an Orium (red metal) dragon.  population consists primarily of dragons, draconians, dragonic, humans and kobolds.

Bastion: The last human kingdom, ruled by the Baron of the Last Bastion (Icon), located on the last remaining continent.

The Water Court: Dragonesti (water elves) underwater kingdom, located in one of the deeper parts of the ocean, few can travel here but it is a site to behold, the current ruling family of the water court (Icon) holds sway over much of the seas.

Lever & Pulley: Located in one of the larger mountain chains, these twin gnomish cities are built in and around a massive machine known as The Grand Device.  Ruled over by the Cog Master (Icon) the current grand architect of The Grand Device, the Device is currently mostly dormant and being repaired, but one of its previous activations was the cause of one of the ages to end.

The Drowned Kingdom: A kingdom that fell when the waters came, taken over by a powerful lich who styles himself The Eternal Emperor (Icon), city of the undead beneath the waves.

Beacon: A holy city dedicated to the silent gods, ruled over by the Inquisitor (Icon), in recent years most of the evil god's temples/servants have been destroyed/driven out, but in ages past all pilgrims were welcome.

The Wandering Fleet: a large group of traveling ships, that follow the currents trading with others when they can. Ruled by The Admiral (Icon) leader of the largest ship.

Tor The Ruined Isle: about 50 years back the Island was destroyed by The Living Storm a crazed elemental unleashed when the land was destroyed.  Since then the Lava Lord (Icon) has taken up residence rebuilding and extending the land.

The Ogre Empire: An ogre kingdom on the last continent, ruled by the Ogre Imperator (Icon), harking back to the ancient ogre kingdoms of old.  the city welcomes all, but be on guard lest you find yourself in the slaver pits or worse.

The Kuru "Trade Winds": despite the disaster of the last age the Kuru continue their migration, because it is such a long way between island chains most ships hitch a ride from the kuru or the wandering fleet, most prefer the kuru as its more consistent in where it travels.

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  • Nice! I think I like this more than the official published version. Any more info on the world out there?


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  • So far I've made this and 2 other posts about this setting. Right now the campaign I'm running in this setting is only level 2 so the rest of the setting lore I've written is details on the Icons, details about the Drift Island/City and setting secrets I wont post tell my party has experienced them. My next post will likely be about the Icons.

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