Barbarian - Alternative feats

Written by Martin K.

The feats below provide an alternative to the feats of the Barbarian class features and talents in the Core Book. Choose them if you'd like to take these talents in a different direction. Note that these are feat chains - for a specific talent, take either the feats below or the ones in the book. They are not meant to be mixed and matched.

Class Features

Barbarian Rage

Adventurer feat: While raging, you have resist melee attacks 18+.

Champion feat: Reduce the recharge roll for your Rage to 11+.

Epic feat: If an enemy scores a critical hit against you, you can start raging for free immediately, as a free action.

Adventurer Tier Talents

Barbaric Cleave

Adventurer feat: On a hit with a Barbaric Cleave attack hits, deal an additional 1d6 negative energy damage per level. Heal damage equal to the amount.

Champion feat: Before making your Barbaric Cleave attack, you can teleport to engage a nearby enemy.

Epic feat: On a hit with a Barbaric Cleave attack, the target is stunned until the end of your next turn.

Building Frenzy

Adventurer Feat: With each miss, also gain a +1 bonus to AC, up to +4.

Champion Feat: For each d4 bonus damage, also add your Dexterity modifier.

Epic Feat: When you spend a recovery to heal, add your current frenzy bonus.


Adventurer feat: You can use Slayer against targets that are not staggered.

Champion feat: Increase the extra damage dice to d8.

Epic feat: Increase the extra damage dice to d10.


Adventurer feat: The first time you spend a recovery to heal in a battle, gain temporary hit points equal to the recovery roll.

Champion feat: You take half damage from ongoing damage.

Epic feat: Once per battle, when you are affected by a stun effect, reduce it to weakened. Instead, you can reduce a weakened effect to dazed.


Adventurer feat: You gain a +2 bonus to the Unstoppable attack.

Champion feat: Add your level to damage on a hit and hit points healed.

Epic feat: You can still spend a recovery if you miss.


Adventurer feat: Enemies take a -4 penalty to disengage from you. In addition, Whirlwind attacks gain a +1 bonus to attack for each enemy you are engaged with.

Champion feat: If there is only one enemy on the battlefield and you are engaged with it at the start of your turn, you can activate Whirlwind and make two melee attacks against it.

Epic feat: You can use Whirlwind with thrown weapon attacks.

Champion Tier Talents

Natural Will

Champion feat: Also gain a +2 bonus to saves and death saves in this battle.

Epic feat: You can use Natural Will for free, as a free action, during Rage.


Champion feat: If the attack still misses, you can Rage for free, as a free action.

Epic feat: The bonus increases to +1d8 against enemies who have hit you in this battle.

Epic Tier Talents

Ancestral Warband

Epic Feat: Roll a d4 instead to determine whether your Ancestral Warband can attack.


Epic Feat: Increase the resistance to 14+.

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