Written by Mike Thompson.


β€œBarely seen out of the corner of the eye, this wisp of shadow is vaguely humanoid in outline and writhes with unholy life.”

level 3 spoiler [undead]

Initiative: +4

Vulnerability: holy


Shadowy touch +8 vs. PDβ€” target is hampered until the end of their next turn

natural 16+: target also takes 10 negative energy damage

natural even hit: if there are shadows to meld with the Shadow may automatically disengage with it’s current target.


[special trigger] Embrace of the Shadow +8 vs MD - the target starts making last gasp saves as they turn into a Shadow themselves.  This is a Negative Energy attack and may be stopped by Negative Energy Resistance.  The target must be staggered




Blend With Shadow: As a creature from the plane of shadow the Shadow may become two dimensional as a free action, allowing it to pass under doors and flow up walls and along ceilings etc.  The Shadow may be forced out of this state by confronting it with a bright light.


Creature of ShadowResist weapons 16+: When a weapon attack targets this creature, the attacker must roll a natural 16+ on the attack roll or it only deals half damage.


Nastier Specials

Add the condition vulnerable to negative energy to the basic Shadowy touch attach.

Change the natural even hit effect of Shadowy touch to a natural even hit or miss.


AC: 17

PD: 14 HP: 45

MD: 16

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