Mephit (Earth)

Written by Christopher Allen.

Earth Mephit

A dirty, lumpen little imp of stone, this mephit has absolutely no sense of humour and a surprisingly heavy punch. It really doesn't think your joke about pebbles was funny.

(Originally posted on by Christopher Allen)

2nd Level Wrecker [Elemental]
Initiative: +5
Rocky Claws +7 vs AC – 7 damage
C Spit Boulder +7 vs PD (1 nearby enemy) – 10 damage and the target is stunned for 1 turn.
Limited Use: 1/battle

Grow: 1/battle as a minor action, the earth mephit grows to a huge size, gaining a +2 bonus to attack rolls with their rocky claws and +2d6 to damage. The mephit must make a save at the end of each of their turns, or the magic ends and they return to their normal size.
Flight: Earth mephits fly poorly, somewhat akin to a boulder that has found itself in the surprising situation of not falling immediately to earth.
Resist Physical 14+

Nastier Specials
Cough Up: As a minor action, the earth mephit may recharge its spit boulder power by suffering 5 points of damage.
The Lure of Gems: As long as the earth mephit is engaged with an enemy who has any jewellry or gems on their person, the mephit automatically passes saves to maintain the huge size of its grow ability.

HP: 35
AC: 19
PD: 16
MD: 12

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