Gelatinous Cube, Lesser

Written by Ifryt.

Gelatinous Cube, Lesser

Bits of metal and stone debris are visible inside this quivering cube of slime.

Large 2nd level blocker [ooze]

Initiative: +1

Slam +7 vs. PD —15 acid damage, and the cube engulfs the target (functions like a grab; see below) if it’s smaller than the cube.

Engulf and dissolve: Targets engulfed/grabbed (see page 172) by the cube take 15 acid damage at the start of the cube’s turn but the cube cannot this turn make any attacks. Multiple targets can be held within the cube simultaneously. Any engulfed creature that is also staggered must begin making last gasp saves or become paralyzed as the cube’s toxins overwhelm it.

Transparent: A DC 20 skill check is required to notice a motionless cube.

AC 17
PD 15
MD 12
HP 70

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